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What is the Montessori Nursing and Teething Necklace?


Breastfeeding is one of the most delicate moments for new mothers! It represents the sweetest magic of creation but, whether breastfeeding or not, every age of the puppies brings with it small "practical" difficulties, which can be managed with simple tricks.

The nursing necklace is one of the simplest, most natural and educational expedients I can recommend! With a simple and delicate accessory, you can delay the falling asleep of the little ones, develop cognitive and sensory skills and make feeding a more serene moment for mothers and children.

I will explain why:

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Are nursing necklaces safe?

Obviously, due to the presence of small beads, the necklaces must always be used under the supervision of an adult, like any other game, object, element present in your homes and within their reach. For the rest, your children can mouth, suck and nibble any ball or decorative element of the necklace, without any risk to their health. After making the crochet balls, all the elements are washed with neutral disinfectant soap. The same thing can be done by you, after using them.

As for the products used, the materials are certified and free from additives, such as bisphenol A, PVC and phthalates. Ultimately, the answer to the initial question is: Yes, they are safe!

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Pure Cotton Yarn

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Natural Wood

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Non Toxic Material


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Le Magie di Manu

I Introduce Myself

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Hi everyone! I'm Manuela and I'm passionate about many things. I like reading, cooking...and yes...handicrafts too! I work with paper, with yarns, with inks and nursing necklaces are one of my many creative hobbies. I live in Milan, even if my origins are from Salento (Puglia), and working with my hands relaxes me, isolates me from the daily grind and allows me to switch off after a stressful day.

If you have questions, curiosities, requests, you can take a look at my socials pages! Click on the buttons below and you will be directed directly!