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Handmade Nursing Necklace

nuvola legnoLet's find out more about these sweet jewels. Each necklace is made up of two fundamental elements: beads of different shapes, to get the little one used to different tactile sensations, and a hollow accessory, to be grasped instead of mothers' hair, sweaters and earrings. Further accessories can then be added to this, such as the crochet covered beads (handmade by me).

It's not just an aesthetic aspect, which doesn't hurt anyway, but it also has a playful purpose! The colors appeal to babies, who are not distracted by anything else during breastfeeding or nappy changes.stella legno Cotton generates an additional tactile stimulus, so the child will become familiar not only with different shapes, but also with different materials!

Whether you prefer a minimal style, whether you prefer wood to cotton, whether you let yourself be sweetened by a baby elephant rather than a nice hedgehog, I have the solution for you! The nursing necklaces are:

What are the general characteristics of my necklace?

  • Adjustable sliding closure
  • Natural wooden beads of various shapes
  • Cotton yarn crochet covered wooden beads (handmade)
  • Silicone beads (food grade)
  • Hollow elements
  • Double satin ribbon

On Demand:

I ship wherever you are Gift box Dummy holder Teether

All models can be customized, both in terms of color and decorative elements.
Do you like the model but would like a different color? Do you need information?

Chat me on Messenger:

During the assembly of the necklace, all precautions are taken to have a safe object for children. But, remember that, due to the presence of small beads, in any case the necklaces must always be used under adult supervision.


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Le Magie di Manu

I Introduce Myself

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Hi everyone! I'm Manuela and I'm passionate about many things. I like reading, cooking...and yes...handicrafts too! I work with paper, with yarns, with inks and nursing necklaces are one of my many creative hobbies. I live in Milan, even if my origins are from Salento (Puglia), and working with my hands relaxes me, isolates me from the daily grind and allows me to switch off after a stressful day.

If you have questions, curiosities, requests, you can take a look at my socials pages! Click on the buttons below and you will be directed directly!